What equipments are necessary to do the urine and saliva test?

There is a Lab Supply List included in the course manual with the equipments that are recommended for the course, which may be purchased at anytime during your study. They are purchased from Pike Lab Supply Inc.

Do you recommend any computer programs with this Course?

We do not recommend or rely on computer programs because: 1) they tend to limit student’s full potential for mastering the material; 2) the computer programs are only as smart as the person that made the program; and 3) many of the programs give too much incorrect information and most claim the ability to calculate reserve energy which they cannot. We suggest that you learn what the correct RBTI is before you begin thinking about computer programs.

I live in Australia; can I complete the entire course at home without coming to the United States?

Yes. This course can be successfully completed at home in any country.

How is the course materials shipped?

Most of the time we mail the course materials via postal service, priority mail. We can mail it UPS or with other carrier if you desire.

How long will it take before the course is shipped?

The course package is usually shipped within seven days of receiving the application form. Therefore you should receive the package within two weeks.

Does this Course teach how to calculate the Reserve energy?

No, reserve energy calculation is not covered in this class. I know of no school or person that can calculate reserve energy although there are some persons out there claiming to be able to calculate the reserve energy. They are not calculating the same thing that Dr Reams called Reserve Energy. We have given some of these persons body chemistry patterns with known reserve energy (previously calculated by Dr. Reams) and none came close to the known reserve energy. Dr. Reams died in 1985, before he was able to teach the ninth class, which would have included Reserve energy calculations. There are some guidelines on the Range and Zone Chart (included in course manual) that gives an approximate value for the Reserve energy for each set of chemistry pattern.

How reliable are these body chemistry numbers, seeing that the pH changes during the day?

These numbers are very accurate when properly understood. The lower ones reserve energy, the more there body chemistry numbers will change during day, in response to foods eaten, activities performed or levels of stress experiencing. The greater the reserve energy the more stable the body chemistry numbers will be.

Do you recommend supplements in this course?

Yes, we do recommend certain supplements that were especially formulated to move the body chemistry numbers closer to the perfect numbers. We regard calcium as the “king of nutrients,” one of several key nutrients that are recommended as needed. Daily Manufacturing Inc. produces most of the products used with the true RBTI program.

Each body chemistry pattern shows the results of your current lifestyle. Illnesses, a loss of reserve energy, result mostly because of violation of the natural laws of our bodies. Therefore the only way that one can obtain lasting benefits is by changing various unhealthy lifestyle habits while he/she uses the supplements and other therapies.

Some of the people now teaching the RBTI said that they taught classes with Dr. Reams; are these claims true?

Yes, these claims are not unreasonable. It is the implied statement that is often so misleading. Some of these people present themselves as authority or as being promoters of the true RBTI, because they taught with Dr. Reams. Since these people attended one or two classes out of the eight classes that Doc taught. Any one who was sold on the RBTI concepts could host a class in their area and may assist Dr. Reams in teaching the class. Since some of these people only took 1-2 classes, yet assisted Doc, does that make them authority over the other classes? Not hardly. So do not be misled by the above claims. These are all well-meaning people who are doing their best to preserve the RBTI as they understand it.

Can anyone take this course who do not have training in chemistry?

Over the years since we began offering the body chemistry course, many people have enrolled. MD, ND, DC, RN, Teachers, Home makers, farmers, Medical Missionaries, etc

Will I be able to contact the instructor with questions as I study the course material?

Yes. The instructor may be reached by phone, postal mail or by e-mail. Even after completing the course, you may still contact us with any question. We are here to support your learning experience even beyond this course.

Will this test held me to form a diagnosis of my condition?

Diagnosis, according to Blacks Legal Dictionary, is “a guest limited by experience”. Most state statutes restrict the right to make a diagnosis to those who are licensed to practice medicine. We do not diagnose and wish no part of the evaluation or analysis to be construed as such. The analysis of the urine and saliva are for screening purposes only to determine whether or not a person needs an altered diet and lifestyle.

Will the diet that is recommended according to the body chemistry numbers cure my disease?

“Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from violation of the laws of health.” Ministries of Healing 127 Some of these conditions include, loss of reserve energy, dirty blood and lymph, and compromised immune system. These provide free room and board for natures clean up crews (bacteria, virus, parasites, etc) which speed up the loss of energy. R. Trall, MD, puts it this way, “Disease is a life principle at war with an enemy. It is the defender and protector of the living organism. It is a process of purification. It is an effort to remove foreign an offensive materials from the system, and repair damage the vital machinery has suffered.” The diet and lifestyle program that is suggested is not intend to prescribe or cure your disease; we can only assist nature in her effort to expel impurities and re-establish right conditions in the system. Licensed medical practitioners have the legal rights to prescribe or cure disease, but “God alone is the one who can heal”. Ministry of Healing 113, Psalm 103: 2, 3