Reams(RBTI) Home Correspondence Course

RBTI Course

This course is an in depth study of the principles and application of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. It covers the foundation principles for the ionization of all biological life, Ionization terminologies, rules, and energy calculations. Detailed explanations, evaluations and interpretations of the factors in the equation: Sugars, Urine and Saliva pHs, Salts, Albumen and Urea. You will understand how each factor relates to: each other; mineral, vitamin and enzyme deficiencies; organ and tissue function and deterioration; ones true state of health and the true cause of illness.

It also covers Body Chemistry Ranges and Zones; foods, supplements and lifestyle habits that are most valuable in establishing proper body chemistry; lab supplies and procedures for conducting the analysis on the urine and saliva and recording the data. The Student will be able to use the acquired knowledge to designed and recommend the most complete nutritional and wellness programs for the prevention and correction of biochemical imbalances. Upon completion of this HCC you will have a thorough working knowledge of how to use this vital information in your life on a daily basis.

This course includes seven tests and a final exam. To successfully complete this course, the student must score 85% or higher on each test and final exam. When you have successfully completed this Course, you will become a Certified Body Chemistry Analyst.

This course is a thorough presentation of the straight original, undiluted Reams Biological Theory of Ionization principles that have withstood many critics from its earliest beginning. It is perhaps the most comprehensive and thorough material being offered today on the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.

Lab Equipment

If one is to seriously pursue the understanding and application of the RBTI principles, access to lab testing equipment is a necessity and may be purchase at anytime during your study. Purchasing information is included in the study manual.

Course Material

Manual(243 pages) by Nathaniel and Cossil Lewis, 13-DVD Album -US $499 plus $15.00 shipping and handling within the continental Unites States. International shipping, contact us for more information.

Student Application: Please download the application and fill it out. Must be submitted with the payment.

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