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Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)

This course is an in-depth study of the principles and application of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. It covers the foundation principles (ionization of all biological life, Ionization terminologies, rules, and energy calculations) as well as detailed explanations, evaluations, and interpretations of the factors in the RBTI equation (Sugars, Urine and Saliva pHs, Salts, Albumen, and Urea).

You will understand how each factor relates to each other: mineral, vitamin, and enzyme deficiencies; organ and tissue function and deterioration; one’s true state of health and the true cause of illness.

It also covers:

  • Body Chemistry Ranges and Zones
  • Foods, supplements, and lifestyle habits that are most valuable in establishing proper body chemistry
  • Lab supplies and procedures for conducting analyses of the urine and saliva
  • Recording the data

The Student will be able to use the acquired knowledge to design and recommend the most complete nutritional and wellness programs for the prevention and correction of biochemical imbalances. Upon completion of this course, you will have a thorough working knowledge of how to use this vital information in your life on a daily basis.

This course includes seven tests and a final exam. To successfully complete this course, the student must score 85% or higher on each test and final exam. When you have successfully completed this course, you will become a Certified Body Chemistry Analyst.

This course is a thorough presentation of the straight, original, undiluted Reams Biological Theory of Ionization principles that have withstood many critics from its earliest beginning. It is, perhaps, the most comprehensive and thorough material being offered today on the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization.

CHEM invites you to a Live Seminar presentation of the RBTI Class, Session A. This class covers the same material as described above.

Classes usually run from Monday through Thursday, 8:30 – 5:30; four days of dynamic, practical, and challenging presentations.

Study Material:
Study Manual (243 pages) by Nathaniel and Cossil Lewis • Fee: $450.00 USD per applicant

This class is an in-depth study in the Biological Theory of ionization science. Only students who have taken Session A class will be accepted in the advanced class.

This class covers the anatomy and physiology of organs and their relation to the body chemistry patterns, Reserve Energy and energy calculations, Body Chemistry patterns, the “eye” numbers, and much more.

The students of this class will gain a deeper understanding of the body chemistry numbers and improve his/her ability to make a diet and lifestyle program.

Study Material:
Study Manual Advanced RBTI by Nathaniel and Cossil Lewis • Fee: US $450.00 USD per applicant

If one is to seriously pursue the understanding and application of the RBTI principles, access to lab testing equipment is a necessity and may be purchased at any time during your study. Purchasing information is included in the study manual.

Study Manual + DVD Set

The Study Manual (243 pages) by Nathaniel and Cossil Lewis + 13-DVD Album

$499 USD + $15.00 shipping and handling within the continental Unites States.
Re: international shipping, contact us for more information.

We will teach an RBTI seminar at your location as we have done in other areas from time to time. First, inform us of your intent. Then proceed with your planning. To teach a class in your area, the following conditions would have to be met.

  1. Minimum Registrants
    There would have to be a minimum of 12 registered full-tuition students. We encourage husbands and wives to take the seminar together because of the discount available. The date would have to be confirmed with us 30 days in advance.
  2. Tuition Terms
    Thirty days (30) before the seminar date, 50% of the tuition must be deposited to us so that we can ensure the commitment of each one interested in attending; thus confirming that the seminar will be held. The balance will be due on the first morning of the class.
  3. Tuition Cost
    Tuition for the 4-day class is $450.00 per applicant. The tuition is $250.00 for an accompanying spouse desiring to attend the seminar. 
    The person hosting the seminar pays only $150.00 for their tuition to attend the class. Tuition for all applicants includes one (1) class textbook.
  4. Lab Equipment
    It is recommended that the student obtain their lab equipment prior to the class so they can have their own instruments to practice on. Upon registration, information for purchasing lab supplies will be available. Students may obtain their supplies any time thereafter.
  5. Brochure Procurement
    It’s always best to plan ahead so we can help you customize a Live Seminar Brochure to supply the proper information (such as date, place, and time) for promotional work and advertising.
  6. Facility Requirements
    The host is responsible for all the arrangements and rentals of the hall or classroom that is to be used. The class or seminar room must be set up with tables that can seat at least 4 students per table. There must be access to a restroom at all class times, especially during the time the students are learning the laboratory procedure.
  7. Expense Coverage
    The sponsoring organization is responsible for travel expenses, food, and lodging. If the organization is able, we would appreciate a thank-offering if the seminar blessed the people and it was appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is necessary to do the urine and saliva test?

There is a Lab Supply List included in the course manual with the equipment that is recommended for the course, which may be purchased at any time during your study. They are purchased from Pike Lab Supply Inc.

Do you recommend any computer programs to be used with this course?
We do not recommend or rely on computer programs because:

  1. They tend to limit student’s full potential for mastering the material.
  2. The computer programs are only as smart as the person that made the program.
  3. Many of the programs give too much incorrect information and most claim the ability to calculate reserve energy which they cannot.

We suggest that you learn what the correct RBTI is before you begin thinking about computer programs.

I live in Australia. Can I complete the entire course at home without coming to the United States?

Yes, this course can be successfully completed at home in any country.

How reliable are these body chemistry numbers, seeing that the pH changes during the day?

These numbers are very accurate when properly understood. The lower one’s reserve energy, the more their body chemistry numbers will change during the day in response to foods eaten, activities performed, or levels of stress experienced.

The greater the reserve energy, the more stable the body chemistry numbers will be.

Do you recommend taking any supplements during this course?

Yes, we do recommend certain supplements that are specially formulated to move the body chemistry numbers closer to the perfect numbers. We regard calcium as the “king of nutrients,” one of several key nutrients that are recommended as needed. Daily Manufacturing Inc. produces most of the products used with the true RBTI program.

Each body chemistry pattern shows the results of your current lifestyle. Illnesses (a loss of reserve energy) results mostly due to violations of the natural laws of our bodies. Therefore, the only way that one can obtain lasting benefits is by changing various unhealthful lifestyle habits while using the supplements and other therapies.

Some of the people now teaching the RBTI said that they taught classes with Dr. Reams. Are these claims true?

Yes, these claims are not unreasonable. It is the implied statement that is often very misleading. Some of these people present themselves as an authority or as being promoters of the true RBTI because they attended one or two classes (out of eight) that Dr. Reams taught.

The fact is, anyone who was sold on the RBTI concepts could host a class in their area and may assist Dr. Reams in teaching the class. But does taking 1-2 classes, assisting the doctor, make anyone authority over the other classes? Not hardly.

So do not be misled by the above claims. These are all well-meaning people who are doing their best to preserve the RBTI as they understand it.

How are the course materials shipped?

Most of the time, we mail the course materials via the postal service’s priority mail service. We can also send it via UPS or another carrier as desired.

How long will it take before the course material is shipped?
The course package is usually shipped within seven days of receiving the application form. Therefore, you should receive the package within two weeks.
Does this course teach how to calculate the reserve energy?
>No, reserve energy calculation is not covered in this class. I know of no school or person that can calculate reserve energy, although there are some persons out there claiming to be able to calculate the reserve energy.

They are not calculating the same thing that Dr. Reams called “Reserve Energy.” We have given some of these persons body chemistry patterns with known reserve energy (previously calculated by Dr. Reams) and none came close to the known reserve energy.

Dr. Reams died in 1985, before he was able to teach the ninth class, which would have included Reserve energy calculations. There are some guidelines on the Range and Zone Chart (included in the course manual) that gives an approximate value of the Reserve Energy for each set of chemistry patterns.

Can someone take this course who hasn't had training in chemistry?
Yes. Over the years, since we began offering the body chemistry course, many people have enrolled. MD, ND, DC, RN, Teachers, Homemakers, farmers, Medical Missionaries, etc.
Will I be able to contact the instructor with questions as I study the course material?
Yes, the instructor may be reached by phone, postal mail or by e-mail. Even after completing the course, you may still contact us with any questions.

We are here to support your learning experience, even beyond this course.

Will this test help me to form a diagnosis of my condition?
Diagnosis, according to the 2nd Ed. of Black’s Law Dictionary, is “said to be little more than a guess enlightened by experience.”

Most state statutes restrict the right to make a diagnosis to those who are licensed to practice medicine. We do not diagnose and wish no part of the evaluation or analysis to be construed as such.

The analysis of the urine and saliva are for screening purposes only, to determine whether or not a person needs an altered diet and lifestyle.

Will the diet that is recommended, according to the body chemistry numbers, cure my disease?

“Disease is an effort of nature to free the system from conditions that result from violation of the laws of health.” Ministries of Healing 127

Some of these conditions include loss of reserve energy, dirty blood and lymph, and a compromised immune system. These provide free room and board for nature’s clean up crews (bacteria, virus, parasites, etc.) which speed up the loss of energy.

R. Trall, MD, puts it this way, “Disease is a life principle at war with an enemy. It is the defender and protector of the living organism. It is a process of purification. It is an effort to remove foreign and offensive materials from the system, and repair damage the vital machinery has suffered.”

The diet and lifestyle program that is suggested is not intended to prescribe or cure your disease; we can only assist nature in her effort to expel impurities and re-establish right conditions in the system.

Licensed medical practitioners have the legal right to prescribe or cure disease, but “God alone is the one who can heal.” Ministry of Healing 113, Psalm 103: 2, 3

Apply to attend an RBTI Seminar

CHEM is not staffed by medical practitioners; therefore, it does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. CHEM trains people on how to bring their lives in harmony with the natural laws that govern the operation of the body, and nature’s restorative forces re-establish balance and wellness.

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